MacBeth makes a decision about killing the king, and Lady MacBeth has some choice words about it.


MacBeth - Act 1, Scene 7 by William Shakespeare

MacBeth: Cowen Angus Bailey

Lady MacBeth: Sophie Vanier

Director: Cowen Angus Bailey

Producers: Cowen Angus Bailey, Linda Wasserman

Director of Photography: Lesley Elizondo

Production Sound/Strike Master: Johnny Mansbach

Assistant Director/Script Supervisor: Cindy Truong

Script Supervisor: Cat O'Grady

Super Grips: Michelle Dawn Ross, Nicole Marie Zimmerman

Special Thanks: Tamara Bailey, Jill Fraser, Sybil Lines, Michael Bailey

Additional Thanks: Lester Wisbrod, Beth Ann Sweezer, Adam Del Giudice


Photo Session below - Photography by Cowen Angus Bailey